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2013.PSMH-8340-2-(ZF-4710-89645-1-035) (

Graham's Little Pearl (HOF)

DOB: June 10, 2003

AMHR/ASPC Registered

Foundation Certified

35" Tall

Bay Pinto

Sire: Graham's Little Tramp (HOF)

Dam: Graham's Mini Pearl

Pearl is now retired from having babies and enjoying life to it's fullest.  She gave us 2 stunning fillies in 2013 & 2015

2013.PSMH-8655-(ZF-4710-89645-1-116) (20
2013.PSMH-8366-2-(ZF-4710-89645-1-044) (
964980_406847212761958_677658809_o (2016
2013.PSMH-8339-(ZF-4710-89645-1-034) (20
945237_406847146095298_2067306346_n (201

PSMH Graham's Ocean Pearl (HOF)

DOB:  July 28, 2013

AMHR/ASPC Registered

Founation Certified

36" Tall

Sire: Dakota San Juan Antonio

Dam: Graham's Little Pearl (HOF)

Jewel received her HOF as a 3 year old with very limited showing.  The following year we casually started ground driving  Jewel then in 2019 she started her driving career and is being shown in Western Pleasure Driving. She's a very smooth bodied mare with lots of power behind her.

11103912_10155668088220035_640613087_n (
2013.PSMH-7992-(ZF-4710-89645-1-008) (20
2013.PSMH-8270-(ZF-4710-89645-1-015) (20
2013.PSMH-8285-(ZF-4710-89645-1-017) (20
2013.PSMH-8302-(ZF-4710-89645-1-023) (20
2013.PSMH-8997-(ZF-4710-89645-1-168) (20
2013.PSMH-8346-(ZF-4710-89645-1-036) (20
2013.PSMH-8270-2-(ZF-4710-89645-1-014) (
IMG_3404(2)_KRAMER (2017_06_20 21_06_40
IMG_5202(2)_KRAMER (2017_06_20 21_06_40
IMG_3262_SAMPLE FOR CHERIE (2017_06_17 1
IMG_5188(2)_KRAMER (2017_06_20 21_06_40

PSMH Imperial Gem

DOB: May 30, 2015

AMHR/ASPC Registered

Foundation Certified

38" Tall

Sire: Pura Vidas Apollos Legacy By Graham

Dam: Graham's Little Pearl (HOF)

Jade is the sweetest filly ever and has personality plus. She has been tested and is Homozygous for Tobiano. 

IMG_5208(2)_KRAMER (2017_06_20 21_06_40
IMG_3672(2)_KRAMER (2017_06_22 21_46_41
IMG_3504(2)_KRAMER (2017_06_17 19_45_23

PSMH Sapphire On Fire

DOB: June 10, 2015

AMHR/ASPC Registered

Foundation Certified

37" Tall

Sire: Pura Vidas Apollos Legacy By Graham

Dam: Grahams Otta B-A-Diamond 2 (HOF)

Sapphire is that one of a kind pony. She has a high level of energy and is a natural high end driving pony. She gets better and better the more she drives. 2019 was her first year out and in one show she brought home 3 sweepstakes wins.

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