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For Sale

*Terms Of Sale*

1.  A $500 minimum deposit is required on purchases per horse.

2.  *All deposits/monies are non-refundable*

3.  Prices may be changed and horses may be removed from sales at any time             without notice. We reserve the right to refuse any sale if it's in the best interest       of the horse. 

4.  Payment plans may be available but are not guaranteed for all sales

    Health Certification and Coggins will be provided by the seller on Horses                 purchased over $3000.00 and Horses purchased for under $3000.00 the Health 5.  Certification and Coggins will be provided at the Buyers expense.

6.  Farm visits and pre-purchase exams by our vets are welcome at the buyers             expense.

7.  A Sales Contract will be provided with specific terms of sale listed and both             buyer and seller will retain a signed copy.

8.  All registration papers and transfers of ownership will be held until horse is           paid for in full.

9.  Registration papers and transfers will be done by the seller

10. Shipping fees and arrangements are the responsibility of the Buyer.  ( we do            have a couple of recommended haulers)

11. All horses are up to date with  hoof trims, worming, and vaccines

12. Horses that need to stay after 30 days of the sale will be charged a monthly              boarding fee of $250 per month with the exception of foals that are not weaned.

13. Cash, E-Transfers or PayPal is accepted.  With PayPal the buyer is                            responsible for all PayPal fees.

14. Horses are Sold with NO GUARANTEES and NO HEIGHT GUARANTEE

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